House Cleaning Fall Time Checklist

Now that the leaves are starting to fall it’s time to start to make preparations for winter. Let’s make a list of things to do before that cold sets in and the holidays keep us busy.
Window washing – Washing all the windows in your home with a glass cleaner. You can use a commercial window cleaner or create your own cleaner with dish soap and water or a solution of vinegar in water shaken in a spray bottle.
Cleaning The Window Treatments – Vacuum dusty curtains and blinds with the attachment and brush. If you have shaded then after vacuuming you can wipe them down with a damp cloth if needed.
If you have not done this for a while then you will need to give extra attention to the window treatments. Start from top to bottom with the vacuum. Try not to shake the curtains because you will just be spreading the dust around. Don’t forget to vacuum the window sill. If the vinyl shades are really dirty then you may need to take them off and submerge them in warm water with some mild soap.
Some drapes may be washed that are made from cotton, wool or polyester. If you are going to wash them then check the label instructions first and wash them on the delicate cycle. Fine fabric like satin and silk will need a professional cleaner.
Cleaning The Walls – Dust and wash the walls with a rag or sponge. I like to use a microfiber floor duster, with a clean head, to dust the ceiling and walls. It’s a fast and easy solution. The wall trim will need to be wiped down with a rag and water.
Cleaning Ceiling Lights and Fans – Usually the safest way to do this with a duster. Don’t use water with electricity.
Clean and Vacuum the Upholstery and Cushions on Furniture – You may be able to make some money during this task. Check under the couch cushions for loose change or that peanut butter sandwich that you 4-year old left for you.
Clean Your Carpets – Some people like to do this themselves. You may either rent a carpet cleaning machine at the hardware store or purchase one. It’s an all day project to do this yourself, so some people prefer to hire a professional carpet cleaner.
Clean the Kitchen Cabinets – Declutter the items in the kitchen cabinets. Use up the old canned food and clean the inside and outside of the cabinets. Replace the liners if necessary.
Clean the Refrigerator – This is self-explanatory but most people forget to clean the condenser coil in the back or bottom of the fridge. Vacuum the coils gently with the brush attachment.
Check you Floors – Do you have tiles coming up that need professional attention? Most likely not plan to make those repairs. If your wooden floors are scratched then you can hire a professional to refinish the flooring.
Clean Out Your Closet – Reorganize and declutter you closet full of clothes. The clothes do get dusty in a closet so you may need to wash them.
Check the Smoke and CO detectors – It’s best to check them on a regular basis and replace the batteries twice a year. I like to replace the batteries when daylight savings time changes.
Check YourChimneys – If you have a fireplace or a wood burning stove then you need to have the chimneys professionally inspected and cleaned to prevent fires.
Clean the Basement – Yeah it’s time to do that too.
Check and Replace Weather Stripping – Weather stripping on your windows and doors break down and cause drafts. Your weather stripping will need to be replaced every once in a while. This is also the time to put plastic on your windows if you have old drafty windows.
Clean you Gutters – The easy way to do this is with a leaf blower.
Drain the Garden Hose – Disconnect the hose from the house and drain the water from the hose.