Charity Wish for a New Furnace

It is absolutely inspiring to be able to view the charity work that is done here on a weekly monthly and yearly basis. Physically inspiring to see large donations come in throughout the year in spite of it not be a special holiday like Christmas. Recently we have received several donations that have been extremely charitable and relevant to some of our clients in the Davenport area.

Some of the charitablfure donations that we have received have been everything from clothing, to school supplies, to medical supplies, as well as large furnaces for homes of elderly and for clients that cannot afford a new furnace or repair. The local residents and commercial owners of businesses in Davenport are some of the most generous people I have ever encountered. Their hearts are as big and wide is the river that they’ve grown up on. And that generosity has been able to warm many people throughout the winter season. We have had people donate money for electrical bills as well as food. But large donations from commercial owners have truly been one of the most inspirational gifts that we have received. Recently we received 10 new furnaces that were given away at a charity auction. During that auction both furnaces were donated then to some needy families. All the money raised for the furnaces question turned right back into the charity through the generosity of those that donated attended.

The charitable people of Davenport in the Quad-city area have helped numerous people this winter. Typically to see residents bring clothing in has been the norm, however we have seen a larger than normal charitable donation by local residents.

It is amazing to be a part of the community that understands that charity starts at home. In understanding that charity starts at home several people throughout the Quad Cities and Davenport area have a real focus on charity abroad as well. Davenport has a deep appreciation for its financial stability and its local rich and wealthy residence both spiritually and financially. And too

much is given much is required. Davenport, and the Quad Cities residents have never forgot.

I expect to see the Quad-city and Davenport. Lead the country in charitable donations and set the pace for the type of charitable heart that we have grown to love.



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